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Internet Service Areas

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Service Areas

Our service area map below shows United’s high-speed internet service territory. Here you can view where United’s services are available and where we are currently constructing distribution for subscribers to be connected soon. The red zone below is our active area where installations are taking place. The yellow areas are where we are currently constructing infrastructure to provide internet services in the very near future. We will continue to open zones in all areas of our territory until we eventually serve all of United's members and all other subscribers who might be interested as well.

Under Construction
Not Enough Member Interest


Why can my neighbor get internet service but I can't?

Since our zones follow our electric infrastructure, there are often times some houses or businesses can sign up for service but others nearby can't. This doesn't mean we're skipping you, or that we will not be providing services to your area. It simply means we have not started our distribution construction in your area just yet. We understand that this can be a confusing process, and we appreciate your patience. We are determined to bring our reliable high speed internet to your area as soon as possible.  

How will you know to come to my community?

Our goal is to serve all of our current members first. However, to ensure you get signed up for service as soon as possible, type in your address at the top, and pre-register for service. Once we are in your area, we will notify you, and complete your order. By pre-registering, this helps us bring you our internet service faster. So make sure to pre-register, and spread the word to your community!

 What if I'm in the Under Construction zone?

We know it can be disappointing to be so close to an Active zone, but we want to ensure you that there is a process to the build out of these zones. Many times, being on the border of a  Active zone means you are on a different electrical circuit in that area.  For this reason, simply roping you into one of those zones is not possible. The fiber distribution has to work within the electrical system design. However, Under Construction means we are constructing distribution lines to get you connected as soon as our services are available. Be sure to pre-register so that we may notify you as soon as your zone becomes Active.

 What if my address is not listed in the Active, or Under Construction zones?

Just because you aren't in an Active or Under Construction zone right now doesn't mean service won't be available to you in the very near future. We will be opening up service's to your territory as soon as we can. We will have our construction teams working at full capacity all over our service region to get internet services to your community as soon as possible.